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Welcome to We’re here to help answer your questions about icf, is it right for you, where you can get it and how to get it installed for your project.


In 2009 I was working for a renewable energy company in Tyler, Texas. We sold and installed solar panels mostly on residential homes. This was very expensive and had about a 30-year payback.

Speaking with the owner of the company we decided to research how to make the home more energy efficient and thus reducing the amount of solar needed to meet energy goals for each project. We searched many options with this in mind. Most of the products were add-ons to your existing home, modernizing and updated mostly.

Then we really started thinking. What if we started from the beginning and built the home as efficient as possible instead of trying to make existing homes more efficient. That lead us to ICF (Insulated Concrete Forms).

Since we have build many ICF homes & safe rooms/storm shelters in East Texas, North Texas, Central Texas, and Louisiana. We have built some light commercial as well such as State Farm Insurance offices, Car Washes, Hunting Lodges, Call Centers and Office Buildings.

Today we are now the Nudura ICF distributor and we have developed relationships with custom home builders and ICF installers all over Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, Mississippi and Tennessee

icf cutting to size


We believe ICF is the best building material on the market today for a number of different reasons. There is no particular order for these reasons because each person has a different reason for choosing ICF.

ICF’s are energy efficient, reducing electric consumption up to 50%! My personal house is just under 3000 sq ft with a detached shop on the same electric meter. I have four kids so you know lights are left on and doors left open etc. My average electric bill is about $120 per month!

Cost of homeowners insurance is lower. Depending on your insuring you can save up to 25% or 30% off your premium. I will use my house again for an example. My house is appraised at $425,000 and with full replacement coverage my premiums are less than $1,200 per year!

The air quality can be much healthier as well. ICF homes are very air tight and need a source of fresh air. This is accomplished by use of an ERV. All the fresh air brought into the house via the ERV is filtered.

ICF homes and buildings cut down on outside noise. The mass provided by the concrete and foam forms makes it very difficult for sound to pass through, making the home or building much quieter.

Anyone care about storm resistance? ICF buildings are monolithically poured concrete with rebar reinforcing. They can be designed to withstand winds of 250 mph! Combine this with the quiet, you just might be able to sleep through the nastiest of storms with peace of mind. You may never even here the storm.


We have put together to educate homeowners and business owners alike why you should consider ICF construction on your next home or business building. We’ll go through in detail all the ins and outs, where to get it, who can install it, etc. Do you need a custom builder or are you just looking for an ICF installer sub contractor? We will guide you in the right direction with all these questions and more.

And remember if you ever have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


icf house complete




  1. Joshua Andrew

    I have a question regarding ICF. I noticed with the nudura system in the pictures on your website the ICF is only good for walls. Do you guys have a full ICF house the the roofline included as part of the ICF structure? Do you know of any concrete pours that do a full house including the roof line out of concrete? Also, if I have a floor plan and blueprint of a house I want to build how feasible would it be to make the house out of the nudura ICF system? Thanks for your advice.

    • admin

      Hi Joshua,

      We have done homes with ICF roofs. We use a product called Insuldeck and tie it into the Nudura for roof structures. This cam be done flat and most of the time is with a frame structure on top of that, or it can be done up to 6:12 pitch without too much trouble. We do a few to some extent each year with concrete roofs or floor levels.

      As for the plans you have, we can most likely use them as is and build the home. There are a few things that we would look at and go over with you to make sure all the dimensions work as drawn or as close as possible. Usually the overall foot print will grow to keep the interior dimensions the same. That being said, it has been our experience that the process is much smoother and has less errors from all the sub contractors involved if they are redrawn, at least a couple of the pages. Concrete, Plumbing and sometimes electrical. This is because no matter how many times it is mentioned or written down on the plans, the accounting for a different dimension than is on the plans will at some point cause concussion and ultimately a mistake. We have draftsmen we work with a lot that can make these changes or redraw based on what you have at a very reasonable price.

      Please feel free to contact me or Kerry Marshall directly for more info or questions. My email is and my cell is 903-279-6073. Kerry’s is and his cell is 903-681-8051.



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