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    Nudura – The best icf in Texas

    The best in Texas is a mighty big statement. Let’s see if I can back it up.

    The Biggest ICF Block

    Well this argument is a simple one to make and win. Nudura is the biggest icf block on the market. Each nudura block is 18″ tall and 96″ long, a total of 12 square feet per standard block. Most other icf blocks are 12″ or 16″ tall and 48″ long.

    Not only is it the biggest physically, but it is the choice of more installers, architects, engineers and project owners in Texas. Nudura icf has been installed more than any other icf block in Texas over the last 15 years.

    Size Really Does Matter!

    When it comes to icf, size really does matter. As a certified installer, I have experienced the speed of installing twelve square feet of wall at one time rather than 4 or 5 square feet with the other guys. Installing a bigger piece of icf means a quicker build and less time in the elements for the installer.

    Should You Care If The Installer Likes It Better?

    You should absolutely care that the installers like it better than the other guys. First off all installers charge for labor. Labor that is sped up by using Nudura, resulting in less man-hours on your job and ultimately less money you spend for that labor.

    Many icf installers even list a completely different price for their labor based on which icf block you are requesting.

    Should You Care That Is Faster?

    You should absolutely care that it is faster to install as well. Faster, as long as it is safe, is less expensive on any job site. Time is money and this is compounded on a job site.

    As mentioned earlier, labor is less because they are on your job less time. Many supporting tools and equipment on every job are typically rented. Less rental time equals less expense.

    If you are borrowing the money for your project, less time is less interest paid to the bank.

    In Texas Everything Is Bigger, & Bigger is Better

    So as a recap, Nudura icf is physically bigger than the competition. Bigger allows the installer to install more product in less time speeding up the job and lowering costs to the owner of the project.

    Let me know if this article is helpful to you.





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