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    ICF Basement – East Texas

    ICF Basement Build This Week in Cushing, Texas

    Interested in seeing icf being built? We know of an insulated concrete form basement scheduled to be installed this coming week. It will be starting Tuesday or Wednesday depending on weather.

    This is a walk out basement foundation for a log home. There is also an icf safe room in the basement. The icf portion of the build will only take 3 or 4 days. Give us a call if you would like to come check out part of the build or the actual pour.

    If you’re considering using icf construction, seeing it in person being built can really answer some questions.





    1. Tim Rainwater

      Update guys. Anyone that wants to see us get started with the East Texas basement, we are starting tomorrow morning. We’ll go from slab to icf up in the air tomorrow. Give us a call for directions if you want to come see how it works.

      Tim R.

    2. Tim Rainwater

      Well today was hot! We got most of the walls up today however. I posted a couple pics from today. Enjoy!

      Well be back on the job next Monday morning. Come by and say hi.


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