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    BEST INSULATED CONCRETE FORM SYSTEM – Most cost efficient icf system

    icf house complete

    Let’s talk costs. Insulated concrete forms come in many different forms. We’re going to discuss some differences between the many icf manufacturers and see what is the best value.

    All ICF’s are created the same, right?ICF house after concrete pout

    I’ve heard it say and I used to even say that once the concrete is poured there is no difference in one brand of icf to another. Well, that isn’t 100% true. I’ve been actively installing icf since 2010.

    I have used different brands or manufactures and I have discovered without question there is only one best insulated concrete form system out there. In fact that brand is Nudura.

    Yes I am a bit biased as this is the brand we sell and install every day, but Nudura truly is the best insulated concrete form system available.

    Size does matter!

    icf cutting to size

    Let’s start with size. Most insulated concrete forms come in standard panels of 12 inches by 4 feet (4 sq ft) or 16 inches by 4 feet (5.33 sq ft), but a Nudura standard is 18 inches by 8 feet long (12 sq ft). So from an installers point of view, this is much faster to install.

    I used to argue this point as many icf installers of different block manufactures have and will continue to argue, that is until they actually install Nudura. When I installed other brands, I got pretty fast at them and couldn’t imagine going much faster. That is until I actually installed Nudura. Every standard piece I installed of Nudura, I installed 12 sq ft instead of 4 or 5.33 sq ft in the same amount of time. Now time isn’t everything, but time is money.

    Wouldn’t you want your installers to be as efficient as they could be? Nudura is the best insulated concrete form system available.

    Flip, Flop, Reversible?

    You bet it is. Nudura is the only brand I am aware of that is fully reversible no matter which way you turn it. Why is this a big deal you ask? Cost is why it’s a big deal. No matter what brand of icf you order, there are bundles, pallets or skids you have to order.

    You can’t order it by piece. We’ll get into the actual shipping later, but know that you have to order by pallet can be costly. Especially if the insulated concrete form isn’t reversible.

    Let’s say your house has 7 corners, 3 inside and 4 outside corners and the walls are 9 feet tall. If you order from a manufacturer that isn’t completely reversible and sells them by the pallet (most common), you will need to by 2 pallets of 16 corners for the inside corners and 3 pallets of 16 outside corners which will end up forcing you to purchase an excess of 17 corners! What a waste.

    With the same house ordered from Nudura you would need to order 7 bundles of corners period. They are completely reversible, so no need to worry if they are inside or outside, left or right corners. They come in bundles of 6 and since they are 18 inches tall there is zero waste! Six corners (one bundle) is nine feet tall.! Nudura really is the best insulated concrete form system available.

    Ship twice the material for the same price!icf staged and ready to install

    You read that right. Ship twice as much sq ft of material for the same price. In today’s world shipping is a major cost and concern. ICF if shipped all over the United States in 53 ft 18 wheelers! All ICF’s are made with expanded polystyrene, commonly referred to as Styrofoam. There is very little weight, yet it will fill a truck with very little effort.

    Nudura has a folding hinge system that is unique in the ICF world. The ICF pieces are molded with this hinge installed which allows the form to be folded closed allowing for the majority of the shipping container to be product and not air. Up to twice as much product can be shipped in the same size shipping container as other brands.

    Now there are brands that ship their product unassembled to combat the shipping charges. However, now you have to put the block together. How much budget did they actually save by doing this? Pay for freight or pay for labor?

    Nudura is the best insulated concrete form system available, bar none.

    Nudura really is the best insulated concrete form system

    Let’s recap.

    Nudura is bigger at a full 12 sq ft per standard piece. Bigger is better! Faster and easier for installers save you labor cost.

    Nudura is completely reversible. This saves time and money. Less labor, less waste!

    Nudura folds utilizing folding hinges. This allows for twice the amount of material being shipped for the same price!

    So Nudura is bigger and installs faster and easier, it’s completely reversible which speeds up installation and cuts down on waste, and it folds on itself for transit saving money on freight.

    Is there any doubt that Nudura ICF really is the best insulated concrete form system available today?

    We would love to hear your questions or comments.

    Please reply below with any questions or comments about Nudura or any other brand.


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