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    • Building Energy Efficient Homes

      In todays world building energy efficient homes has become very trendy. Being trendy doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bad thing however. People have different reasons for building energy efficient homes, but the end result is a home better built for the consumer and for our environment regardless of the builders reasons. I want a lower…

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    • My ICF Home In East Texas

      This is just a little story about my personal icf house in East Texas and our motivation for choosing the location and icf. What Kind Of House To Build When my wife and I moved to Texas from out west, we were looking into different options for building our home. We wanted to build our…

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    • Nudura – The best icf in Texas

      The best in Texas is a mighty big statement. Let’s see if I can back it up. The Biggest ICF Block Well this argument is a simple one to make and win. Nudura is the biggest icf block on the market. Each nudura block is 18″ tall and 96″ long, a total of 12 square…

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    • ICF Basement – East Texas

      ICF Basement Build This Week in Cushing, Texas Interested in seeing icf being built? We know of an insulated concrete form basement scheduled to be installed this coming week. It will be starting Tuesday or Wednesday depending on weather. This is a walk out basement foundation for a log home. There is also an icf…

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    • Insulated Concrete Form Prices

      Building costs are a huge factor in choosing your building products. Everyone has a budget even if all budgets are not the same. We believe the best way to build in most cases is with insulated concrete forms or ICF’s. Insulated concrete form prices play into this and we are going to shine some light…

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    • Texas ICF

      Welcome to We’re here to help answer your questions about icf, is it right for you, where you can get it and how to get it installed for your project. A Little ABOUT TEXAS ICF In 2009 I was working for a renewable energy company in Tyler, Texas. We sold and installed solar panels…

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